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When a student enrolls in a Canvas course via Catalog, the only ways to tell are to look at Catalog reports if you're an admin, or check the course, if you're a teacher or admin.  We have a number of self-paced courses with continuous enrollment in our Catalog, so enrollments can be sporadic. We'd like teachers and admins to get an email notification when someone has enrolled.  That way we are aware and can check the student's progress.

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Here’s my version of the Catalog Enrollment Notification to Teachers request. Posting it here to try to support this important feature idea.

Allow course listing reg forms to send enrollment notifications to the instructor:

When you invite someone into your course from the Canvas side you get and 'invitation accepted enrollment notification'. However if someone registers for your course on the Catalog side via the course listing reg form you as the Teacher don't get any notifications of their enrollment. That’s bad for courses that need timely notification of new participants arriving in the course. Not every self-paced, rolling enrollment course is totally asynchronous. For some types of courses it’s important for instructors to know when new participants have arrived in the course so they can begin interacting and get ready to grade and give feedback. Without the Catalog-side course listing registration forms being able to send enrollment notifications to the instructor, the Teacher might have to check their course every day for new people or setup some other type of work around.

I think this is an essential feature that should be developed as it's fairly common with web form systems that send mail to expect the capability to get notifications of new submissions to the form owner. With Qualtrics or Cvent you can set up email triggers to the survey owner or other people organizing an online event or course. For WordPress sites, the Contact Form 7 plug in lets you send a thanks email to the form submitter and a notification to the form owner of the new submission. The Web Forms module in Drupal has similar emailing capabilities and I've used that system before for in-person, synchronous event registration.

It seems odd the a participant registering for a course from a Catalog course reg form is able to get ‘complete account’ setup and course enrollment notifications emails but the Teacher or Admin who created the course isn’t able to. As I understand it, the Catalog and Canvas sides are separate applications that talk to each other via the Canvas API. I’m not sure if both sides have a subsystem that sends email or if it’s all sent from the Canvas side. I would like to see the ability to turn on and off enrollment notifications (from Catalog) to the instructor included in the per course notifications settings. I think having this feature would greatly benefit instructors who need timely notification of new students arriving in a course.

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This would be a nice improvement for us as well. We have a number of asynchronous self-paced courses that aren't terribly popular and this would really help us monitor activity.

In some courses we tried setting up a welcome survey, but found that it doesn't trigger a notification when submitted (though that is a different request...)


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This feature is much needed for many of our Canvas courses. We have a large number of rolling enrollment courses with multiple instructors.  Instructors often assume the other instructor is checking for enrollments. This would ensure all instructors are notified of new enrollments.

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Hello Community!

This feature is need it! 

it would be nice at least to have a notification to the admin, this way we can keep track of the enrollments.

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This feature is needed. The current global setting is just not granular enough. As others have stated, "manually created courses" is not granular enough of a setting for us, so we are forced to switch it to "never". If we could move these courses into a sub-account we could enable it just for them.

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This is a much needed feature!

Bumping this to hopefully attract some renewed interest! 

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Please make this happen!!!!!!!!

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This feature would be great to have in the future. We always have "late arrivals" of students in courses, so for teachers it would be good to hear about new enrolments in their class lists.

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