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Currently the Categorization question in New Quizzes can contain red herrings / distractors, i.e. items that should NOT be categorized. This is quite non-intuitive to collective experience  - we are always taught to move every item into a category and not leave any behind. And the penalty is EXTREME since this question is still graded as "all or nothing" - so results in grading headaches and upset students.

I believe this question format would be greatly improved if it ALWAYS displayed an "Uncategorized" box to students  (or call it "Other", or " Not used" - be best if instructor could RELABEL this box with a name that makes sense in the specific case). This still meets the design function of having "red herrings / distractors" but doesn't trick the student and doesn't create extra regrading work related to the inclusion of distractors.


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I agree, Karla! This would make assessment much more transparent to students! Thank you for making this suggestion!

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