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Change functionality of Eye Icon in SpeedGrader

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Change functionality of Eye Icon in SpeedGrader

Faculty expect the Eye Icon in SpeedGrader to work the same as the old Mute/Unmute feature, but it does not.

We recently discovered that if an assignment has the Automatic Post Policy applied and you hide grades, it is only hiding the grades that exist at the time you click Hide Grades. Grades you enter after hiding grades are still ‘honoring’ the Automatic Post policy applied and are visible to those students. We had been working under the assumption that clicking Hide Grades on an assignment with an Automatic Post Policy would hide all (current and future) grades, until grades are posted.

We would like to propose that the Eye Icon in SpeedGrader be changed so that it toggles between the following two states:

  • State 1: The assignment Post Policy is set to Automatic and all grades are Posted (same state as the old 'Unmute' function)
  • State 2: The assignment Post Policy is set to Manual and all grades are Hidden (same state as the old 'Mute' function)

Fancy differential Post/Hide functionality would/could be achieved in Grades.

This feature request is a companion request to 



I'm not sure if you've seen this blog posting from, but there's a good conversation going on about the eye icon that you might be interested in looking through: Post Policy Updates Feedback.

Learner II

Thanks, Chris. I have seen the blog and wondered if I should just add a comment there vs create a feature request. I'll go add links to my feature requests there to close the circle.


Hi,‌, in light of the discussion currently underway in Post Policy Updates Feedback (and particularly those Jon set forth in his September 18 update to the blog post) and the proposed changes to the functionality that are currently in beta, we'd like to keep this idea in Moderating status for the next week and/or until those changes make their way to the production environment. We can then all review the functionality in the live environment and ask you to edit the idea description should that prove necessary; at that point we will be able to move it forward for voting.

Thanks for your understanding! 



This idea was implemented initially, but many disapproved because for must users this is confusing as manual / automatic is something completely different than visible / not visible. You can read the arguments here: in the Post Policy Updates Feedback blog.

Lamplighter‌, now that the adjustments to the Post Policy feature have made their way into production, would you take a moment to revisit this idea and see if it needs to be revised to reflect those changes? Thanks.

Learner II

Thanks Stefanie, I've updated the feature request and would love for it to be open for voting.

Learner II

Thanks, stefaniesanders, for sharing this feature request. It is referring to the Eye Icon in Grades, rather than SpeedGrader - but it would be lovely if the clickable Eye Icon in grades would do the same thing we are proposing here (keep consistent functionality between Grades and SpeedGrader).

I'll add this comment on that feature request and point them to this related feature request as well.

Learner II

Hi - I've updated the feature request to match what my intention with the request was (to recreate the fast 'Mute/Unmute' functionality in SpeedGrader). It has been a painful road for us figuring out that Manual/Automatic are distinctly different from Post/Hide.


Thanks for modifying the idea,‌, and for your patience as we've worked through the process. The idea is now open for voting.