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Change the quiz activity log so that "Answered questions" becomes "Attempted questions"

Change the quiz activity log so that "Answered questions" becomes "Attempted questions"

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The quiz activity log labels student activity on a prompt as "Answered Question" or "Answered the following questions" but I think this tag is misleading. The key is the word "answered" this could, in many minds, imply a complete answer was submitted, when in fact, a student could open a question, start a draft answer that would be incomplete, navigate away from the quiz, return and re-write their answers. As far as I know, we cannot track that kind of activity by the student. 

The problem comes in when the activity log is used as evidence of academic dishonesty. The people who determine if academically dishonest activity has occurred. If a log answered question #3,  student stopped viewing the Canvas quiz taking page, answered question #3, there's an implication the student may have changed their completed answer during the time they navigated away, and came back to change their answer.

I want to suggest they language gets changed to "attempted question" because attempted implied the answer is in progress, which all answers are, until the quiz is submitted. 

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