Changing the blue navigation bar across all courses through a blueprint


While I found it is possible to change the blue navigation bar across all courses (e.g. adding "Outcomes")  by using a blueprint and ticking the box "include course settings", this affects all settings including the course image.
It would be great if we could dissociate the image, otherwise all my 150 courses end up with the same one.

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Thanks for sharing this idea, @JBMaurice . Would you provide a short screencast illustrating the issue with a blue navigation bar?

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Hi @JBMaurice if you are unable to provide an update regarding this idea by February 24, we will need to archive it to help the Community Team focus on current Ideas. If you need more time, that's okay too! Providing an update before that time would be helpful and appreciated.

We know life can get busy, yet if we don't hear from you by February 24th, we will archive this thread so we can better focus on current requests.

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Here are 2 screen captures of my blueprint.

If I change the available options (or simply their order (e.g. Announcements placed before Syllabus) in the blue navigation bar of my blueprint, when I click on Associations and tick the "include course settings" box, all the options appear in all the associated courses as they are in the Blueprint.
This is great, because I can just set up all the courses at once in the same way.

But..."include course settings include also all the settings of the blueprint courses" such as the image (here an image of Blueprint) which is going to replace all the images of all my courses....


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