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I think it would be great if little green checks appeared in the modules where students have submitted or completed an assignment.  

This happens for me in many online classes I take, and it makes it easy for me to know I have completed a module or unit.


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I agree this would make things so much easier for students to navigate their assignments.  My students are in Middle School and have a hard time with all their many classes. Their To-Do list is a mile long with every assignment and announcement etc. from every class - they don't even look at it anymore.  The Checkboxes would be a great way while in each class to see what they have completed and what they needed to still do.  Most of them go to the grade book to see what assignments are not completed and then they try to go back and do them (but some assignments don't link back very well and it is a pain to teach them that they have to go back to modules and open the assignment up again.  The biggest problem with students relying on the grade book for what they should do next is that they are always behind.  I've tried adding the checkboxes to my modules with limited success as there are some items that are not required and maybe only one item that needs to be done in a particular order.  Maybe my modules are too long as I organize by unit and not by week, but It got confusing for the students and I had too many get locked out of assignments and not be able to stay current with us while they worked on backtracking the assignments they missed while they were sick so I gave up on checkbox requirements.  I would love to see more options on the checkboxes and have something as simple as adding a checkbox that the student can fill in when they have completed the assignment or page or etc.  It would be amazing if a check would appear when they submitted their assignments.

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We just switched to Canvas from Moodle and my students are asking for this.  They would love to be able to mark the items they have viewed in the modules.

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