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I think it would be helpful to be able to add checklists inside of pages where students could check off the items they've finished in the page. The checklist could be connected to requirement, so that when everything on the page is checked off then the page is marked as complete in the modules view.

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 @goodwillc , requests for a checklist in pages and a checklist for assignments would have to be considered separately. Would you please edit this idea so that it focuses on one of the two and then create a new idea for the second?

You might also be interested in this related idea that broadly covers what you're hoping to see:  Let us know what you think after you've had a chance to review it.


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Hi Stefanie,

I edited the request so it only mentions pages. Thank you for pointing that out.

And I read the idea you suggested. That idea seem more like having check boxes in the modules page instead of inside a page. I also like that idea and I up voted it.

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Thanks for refining and focusing the idea description,  @goodwillc ! It's now open for voting. Smiley Happy

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One Step at a Time

This idea seems to have degrees of development possible. 

*One immediate option is an isolated list. This quick addition is a type of bullet list on the ribbon tool.

See example text done in Evernote:

337024_Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 4.34.10 PM.png

337023_Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 4.32.14 PM.png

The next big step would be to determine where and how it interacts with the rest of the course.
Does anyone remember when Module items had a state change after you clicked on them? (I remember it as text going from bold to fine after viewing, but that was a long time ago and may be a hallucination.)
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Just having a checklist would be a good start!

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Yes, I used checklists for years when I was at a D2L / Brightspace school.  Is it really that hard to create?  They were so very, very practical and helpful for students.

Please give us the ability to add checklists!

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How do I vote this idea up?

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