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Checkmark grades

Checkmark grades

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Right now, the only checkmark grades you can do on assignments and quizzes are for complete/incomplete grades, but a lot of teachers (in my school especially) would like to be able to have the grade that is seen by student be a check-plus / check/ check-minus symbol, which then can translate to a point value in the grade book. For example, a teacher could assign whichever check symbol they want in Speedgrader to student work, and the student see the checkmark; in the Gradebook this ends up being a point value (or other grade book entry) that teachers can customize (ex. a check = 10/10 points, check-plus = 12/10 points, and check-minus = 8/10 points).

This would be good to have more grading options, functionality, and customization in the grade book ecosystem!

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Community Team
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I think a checkmark grade system is very much needed. For low stakes assignments I don't need students worried about numerical grades, but I do want them to get a sense of feedback from the check marks (check, check plus, check minus) as well as written feedback. I also want to be able to separate these from points if possible, but certainly at the very least make them visible only as the check mark.

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