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Clearly Label Authorized Google Account for Google Drive LTI

Clearly Label Authorized Google Account for Google Drive LTI

I am a Canvas administrator in a pk-12 public school environment where students work from school and home on shared devices and proper logging out practices are not consistently followed. Since Google LTI does not support a single sign on process at this time, our users frequently authorize the "wrong" non-school Google Account when connecting their Google Drive account in Canvas. There have even been incidents when students have accidentally authorized a parent's Google Drive account providing them access to private information.

A lot of time is spent troubleshooting which account has been authorized and trying to understand why the system is asking the user to request permission to access a document when they are currently logged in with their school Google Drive account. 

If the system clearly stated, somewhere in Canvas, which account was authorized, this would create a lot more clarity around understanding what went wrong and correcting it more efficiently. Sometimes, on a shared device situation the account that is authorized doesn't even belong to the user, making it very challenging to remove access at the Google Account level. Simply trashing the approved integration at the Canvas account settings level does not necessarily resolve the issue when multiple Google accounts are attempting to access the same Canvas account.

Proposed Google Drive account documentation 

I propose that the documentation live in the Google Drive view from the course Navigation view. It should also live in the account settings where the approved integrations are listed. 

There are privacy concerns along with efficiency practices that could be addressed by placing identifiable Google Drive information on the authorized account within Canvas. 

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Logged in today to find that this has been added! Thank you for listening and growing with our needs Canvas!

Community Team
Community Team

This is great news, Lauren.  I'll mark this as complete then.