Clicking on a Missing Assignment in Grades should go to the Assignment not Submission Details


When students click on the title of a Missing Assignment in their Grades view it takes them to an SUBMISSION DETAILS page.  WHY???? this is completely non-intuitive.  3/4 of the time there is no preview and no obvious place to do the work.  Learners are hesitant to click on the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT BUTTON because they don't even know what they will be submitting. 

Why doesn't this take them to the actual assignment page so they can see the details and submit the assignment? Why the extra step?  I spend 1/2 my time explaining to my online students how to navigate this ridiculously broken flow.  



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Instructure Alumni
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader conversation, here is a related conversation to explore:

Redesign Proposal (Student's UI): Submission Details, Grade and Peer Review Pages

Also, our senior product manager is collecting feedback about the student assignment submission process, so please share your thoughts over at Update assignments navigation for students and Assignment Submission History.


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Yessss to this! Please make this fix!

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For everyone participating in this conversation, we have a closely related discussion underway at Clicking a graded assignment should take you to the assignment instead of the submission .

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