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Colored Cells for Modules and Text Headers

Colored Cells for Modules and Text Headers

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I would love to see the cell that contains the text header a different color. I think this would help students identify sections better. Indentations help, but can still be confusing too many students. Perhaps the Module Header can be either Black with White Text, Hex #666666, and then Text Headers can be #333333. Perhaps the color changes by indentation level too or provide the ability for us to edit the cell and use our own color scheme. Perhaps school colors. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea. As part of our commitment to accessibility, we will not develop any features or functionalities that might place some students at a disadvantage. Using color to convey a means of helping students identify sections, as you suggest in this use case, would place non-visual learners and visual learners who cannot access colors at a disadvantage to other students. We've archived this idea.


Many teachers place emojis in their module headers as a way of differentiating content areas, and employ other design approaches to make content inviting while still maintaining accessibility for all learners. Text headers in modules support copy-paste of unicode symbols and emojis, and look great too. This site——is a great source of emojis, but there are many others; you can also find suitable emojis by searching for unicode symbol tables such as this one.


Here's an example of a beautifully simplified course home page combining emojis and modules that is easy for younger students to navigate.


This blog post has some great suggestions: Using Canvas with Pre-K 

And another resource that might prove helpful is How do you setup icons rather than text for modules? 

Thanks, Joseph. Stay safe, and stay well. Smiley Happy