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Combining Zoom links like IU eTexts

Combining Zoom links like IU eTexts

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When IUPUI students, of which I am one, have online textbooks provided as part of their course, there is a section on their Canvas page they can go to, IU eTexts (Unizin Engage), that has all of that student's electronic books online from all his/her courses, regardless of which class they accessed that list from.

Many teachers are still learning how to work with Zoom, and may not make their zoom links the easiest thing to find. In a time crunch (which we can assume any number of students are in at any given point in time), looking through all their links and pages and files throughout their Canvas costs students precious seconds and minutes as classes or meeting times approach.

Why not make a singular repository of all the Zoom links from all of that student's classes in one place, not dissimilar to how they can find any of their online textbooks?

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


An enhancement to how a specific student's Zoom links across multiple courses are organized and accessed would need to be developed by Zoom, so please contact the local Canvas admin for your district to look into this with the third-party partner.

As we are not able to make this customization on Zoom's behalf, we've archived the idea. 

Thanks! Stay safe, and stay well. 🙂