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I like the the new  Comments Library feature.  I would like to see it expanded so that the library would also be accessible in the Comments within a rubric.  I use rubrics for grading just about everything and I make comments within the specific rubric criteria rather than using the general Comments, since it makes it more relevant.



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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it contains two separate requests, one of which is still active (refer to the note in the idea description), we've edited the idea so that it is solely focused on the ability to use the comments library in a rubric's criteria comment fields.

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@edwardn1  Those who are interested in this idea might also want to add their comments and rating to  Share Speedgrader Comment Library Across Graders.


For teachers who use Rubrics, this makes a lot of sense.   I agree with this idea.

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Yes, this would be a very helpful update. I support getting this on Canvas decision-makers' radar!


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The majority of Instructors in our institution use rubrics. They were excited about the Comment Library, but disappointed to see it couldn't be used for criterion comments. We would certainly appreciate the functionality being available for individual criterion comments when marking using rubrics.

Thanks 🙂

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Please do add the comment library to the rubrics as well.  We are using rubrics for many of our assignments and this would be a time saver.

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Yes please!

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First of all, I love the comment library for the main submission comments in Speedgrader, thank you!

Secondly, I would love to have access to that same comment library in my rubric comments and the comments I leave on a document itself. Can you expand our access to those comments as teachers?

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This would be tremendously helpful for those of us who use standards-based grading and give feedback primarily through rubrics! Thank you!

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having the comment library feed into rubrics as well would be a game-changer for my capacity!

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It would only be logical for the comments library function to extend to rubrics. At the very least I think there should be an option to delete existing saved comments which doesn't seem to be the case currently. But functionality on par with the general speedgrader comments library would be great.

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Problem statement:

The ability to save and reuse comments made in freeform rubrics has been IMMENSELY helpful. However, I prefer to use scaled rubrics -- they help me maintain consistency in how I am awarding points in categories where it is possible for students to meet part but not all of the requirements. It would be awesome to have the ability to save and reuse comments in scaled rubrics, especially in cases where I provide explanation for why the missed target is important, as well as giving guidance on what else the student would need to do to meet the target -- even though students' mistakes may be unique, the same guidance often applies.

Proposed solution:

Please add the capacity to save and reuse grading comments within scaled rubrics, the same way comments can be saved and selected from a dropdown menu in freeform rubrics.

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This is a good idea, handy and many professors would use this.

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Our faculty are using rubrics and would like the comment library to extend to the rubric comments.