Comments library on Submissions Detail page, not just in SpeedGrader


The comments library is only accessible within SpeedGrader. For those instructors who use email notifications, it would be great if the instructor, when accessing the Submissions Detail page after clicking on its link in an email notification, would also be provided with a link to the comments library on the Submissions Detail page. The instructor currently has to go into SpeedGrader each time so the process becomes quite tedious if there are a lot of email notifications to go through. 

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The current process is super clunky on the Canvas end of things. This is how I usually check my "comments" every day:
If I go to Canvas and Click on the "Inbox" icon on the toolbar, then I can select the "Submission Comments" from the drop-down menu. I can see all the Comments from your students that way. I am also emailed notification once a day for "Canvas Activity" which shows any student submission, comment, or inbox items that I may have. But this is a lot of extra steps, and I must be super careful not to miss a notification. I usually end up asking my students just to email me that they have made a comment or any changes through the Canvas Inbox because I will see it faster in my campus email account.
Changing Canvas would be so much better. Thanks you for bringing this up Frank.
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Thank you Frank!

This is an excellent idea and would streamline the process, saving hours over the course of a semester and enhancing our ability to communicate with students (a key part of the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric).

It makes a ton of sense, especially considering that there is already an "Add a comment" box in the Submission Details page.

Let's do this!



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Thanks for the info. I was actually searching for this  website on google search and while searching for it online, I found your post.

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