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Commons: Search by rating drop down or checkbox

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Commons: Search by rating drop down or checkbox

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You can search the Commons area by subject, by grade level, but you can't share it by those ideas or resources that are most highly ranked. If you are going to have a ranking star system it would be great to be able to search by that system. Chris Long


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For more information, please read through

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi David Theriault! Thanks for your feedback and idea submission.

I'm moving this idea to the Canvas Commons area where all new ideas are automatically open for voting. The Commons idea process works a bit differently than the Canvas Feature idea process.

Great idea, fwiw! Smiley Happy

Community Member

What? You mean you can't do that? Yes, most systems that have 5 star ratings also give you the ability to sort your search results by stars. Yelp and would be two widely used examples.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This idea has been marked 'complete'. For more information, please read through Commons Release Notes (2016-02-09)