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Commons sharing hierarchy

Commons sharing hierarchy

  This idea has been developed and deployed to Commons


Currently, Commons looks at the user account hierarchy in Canvas to determine sharing rights. We would like to request a way to share according to the courses hierarchy as well. So if an instructor is in a Liberal Arts course, they would be able to get to shared content for Liberal Arts in the hierarchy. We create most of our users at the top level and only admins and courses are placed in the hierarchy.




For more information, please read through the Commons Release Notes (2016-06-12)


Hi  @jxr123adm ​, Thank you for sharing your idea, it's these comments that help us continue to develop Commons and make it great. I'm excited to say we are working on the ability to share resources to a custom group of users that has been created by an admin. I hope that this might be a solution to the concern you share above. As we roll out this feature later this year we would love to hear feedback on how it works for you.

Thanks and all the best,

Kate McGee

Commons Product Manager

Community Member

Hi  @jxr123adm ​ - Just following up. This feature is currently available in Commons. How do I manage Groups in Commons?​ and was released over the summer (release notes here: Commons Release Notes (2016-06-12)​). If you have further questions about the functionality, please let us know! Smiley Happy