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Confetti for External Tools Assignments: Let's celebrate all on time assignments!

Confetti for External Tools Assignments: Let's celebrate all on time assignments!


Let's celebrate all on time assignment submissions!

Recently canvas added a confetti option to celebrate on time assignment submissions.  With our ongoing reliance on distance learning students are becoming less motivated to get work done.  Sometimes small things increase engagement (have you ever seen a student with no internet get excited for the dinosaur game?!).  It seems small, but some kids might find motivation in that small party on their screen.  I heard about this new upgrade, but was surprised that none of my students commented on it.  Turns out, since I use external tools (google cloud assignments, quizzes 2, edpuzzle, NewsEla, etc), none of my assignments trigger the party on their screen.  During a help session I was told this only happens for assignments submitted directly into canvas or file uploads.  Let's not treat external tools as second class assignments!  Let celebrate all on time submissions!  Anything to increase engagement as we approach the end of the school year!

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I agree!  I use the Office 365 integration and don't understand why they can't see confetti when the students hit the "submit" button. This button is what makes the assignment "turned in". That also should be enough to allow the javascript app to run in Canvas. Since the code already exists, it would just need to be added to another button. 

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Even the Canvas Quizzes count as external tools so that means no confetti for those either!

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Yes, please! I'm a law student in a class full of non-traditional law students (read: full-blown adults) and we LOVE the confetti we get for turning in work! We were all so deflated to NOT get the confetti for quizzes, which is the platform our professors use for both quizzes and midterm/final exams. 

I recently ran for and was selected as our section's rep for the Student Bar Association. The thing I'm asked to address more than anything else is the "Confetti Issue." Please help me make good on my campaign promise!


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I don’t know who gave this one star, but this awesome!

Student moral increases with every piece of confetti! Also with every mini moon or panda floating in this mix!

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We would LOVE this feature. Confetti is extremely motivating, and would be the perfect conclusion to midterms, quizzes, etc. thank you!

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Distance learners especially need confetti! Not only is it good for morale, I feel more confident that my assignment is actually submitted.