Content pages overwrite same name pages


Why can't content pages overwrite pages with the same name so I don't have to delete the old one, rename the new one, and re-link them in my modules?

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Instructure Alumni

 @anne_marenco ‌, we've placed this idea into Moderating status to request clarification. Would you describe the process you're following that results in duplicate pages (presumably with a numeral appended to the page title)? Is it part of a course import (direct copy or export/import from another course), or the copy-to feature, or creating a new page with the same title, or something else? Would you please edit the idea description to include those details?


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Hi Stefanie,

I have a blueprint course with all of my common pages in it.  I sync the child course for the current semester to the blueprint parent and then import the last semester's child course into the new child course for this semester to get all of the unique-to-this-course pages, files, etc.  Every blueprint page comes in again in the import of last semester and they all get -2 at the end.  I go in and delete all of these duplicates.  If I forget and import last semester's class before syncing to blueprint, then the import from last semester gets the regular page name and the blueprint pages get the suffix in the name.  Then I have to delete the regular file names and rename the blueprint names and then re-link all those pages to the many places they are linked.  

When I upload a file, Canvas asks me if I want to replace the current file with that same name or rename it.  I would like content pages to be able to do that same thing.  



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Instructure Alumni

Hi  @anne_marenco ‌, I've opened this idea up for voting since it is more clear now what is desired. When importing a page from another course that is named the same as a page already in the course, it does add a number to the end so both pages are present but unique URLs to the pages can exist. One thing you can do now is to use the "Select Specific Content" part of the course import functionality to only select the pages that are not duplicates.

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