Context Card Custom View/Access for Advisors & Coaches

I love the new Context Cards and the snapshot view of my students' progress and activity in my course. It enables me to quickly see where they are struggling and reach out to help them.  Our campus Advisors and Student Success Coaches also have the need to access this type of information when they are assisting our students. This access would enable them to track and support their students' work progress better, more quickly and also add the ability to send messages within Canvas to their students.  Currently the only way to allow this is to add each Advisor or Coach to each course their students are in or make them Admins in Canvas - neither solution is a good one.  It's not good for the Advisors/Coaches (picture their super duper long "All Courses" lists), our Canvas Admins (who would have to do the adding) nor for our Faculty, many of whom are not thrilled at the idea of having someone added to their course.

Please consider how this would benefit your students, add your thoughts and VOTE IT UP!


Hi, all -- I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner!  Dropout Detective from‌ does exactly what you are asking.  We can link advisors, success coaches and even sports coaches to students, and then provide school users with personalized dashboards of just the students assigned to them.  Then we make it easy to see the student's performance across all courses.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more.

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We would definitely benefit from this feature request.  We have advisors with over 150 students.  As  @arovner  as pointed out, adding the advisors as observers to each student is not workable due to the "All Courses" listing; it's virtually unnavigable. 

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Will be great to have a learner dashboard that display the courses that they have been enrolled to, include current and past ones. This dashboard (accessible by instructors too) can help to provide a general overview of what each learner in a course has completed. This data should be allow to be exported too.

e.g: As a Head of a Programme, it will be good to know the progress of the learners across all the classes, semester from a business perspective.