Control over grade system - Build-In Extra Credit that's not "Extra."

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I want to do the following: 

Grade Group X = 70% weighted and has 100 total points max possible (or, rather, needed for 100%).

Grade group Y = 30% and has 200 points max possible (or, rather, needed for 100%). 



I want to ASSIGN 105 points to X and 220 points to Y. 

I DO NOT want to make ANY assignments "extra credit." I just want to make assignments.

(In fact, even though Group X has a 5-point "fudge" built-in, NO assignment is worth only 5 points!) 


Not being able to do this causes me to have to re-calculate my grades at the end of every term for every student. Not being able to do this also gives students an incorrect perception of where their scores are throughout the term. This goes along with another problem many have mentioned: We want to be able to HIDE percentages and ONLY show raw score numbers. 

Please, Canvas, stop policing faculty. WE are the S.M.E.s when it comes to our grading systems. Give us more options, so that I don't have to go back to keeping track of grades via my own spreadsheets instead. 

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Thanks for sharing this feedback about grade calculations, @iwoods . We have a number of active conversations already underway in this forum requesting similar enhancements. So that we can keep those threads unified, we encourage you to add your thoughts to one or more of these ideas as appropriate:

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