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Control strip in Studio videos outside the video area

Control strip in Studio videos outside the video area

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A nice feature would be to move the control bar in Canvas Studio videos away from the actual video frame. When watching a video of a recorded lecture, the bar sits at the bottom of the video frame, and it hides information at the bottom of the slide, especially if the video is paused (for example if the student is taking notes). It would be good if the control bar could be positioned outside the video frame, or at least minimised. Another option would be to make it semitransparent, so that the content underneath could be still visible.

Community Team
Community Team
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I agree, I was just thinking about this one this week. One of my colleagues had created a video about Sketchup and you couldn't see the controls that he was trying to teach when paused.

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Agree. I've had to rework thumbnail images because the toolbar obscures crucial title information about the video.

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