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Copy SCORM Activities into new sections

Copy SCORM Activities into new sections

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


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Hoorah that we have SCORM in Canvas! But HUGE bummer that the activities don't copy over from semester to semester. You have to reinstall it in every section which makes copying it out to multiple instructors to use each semester very difficult. It's not scalable as is. Can we make it so the activities stay active when copied into a new Canvas section?


This idea was requested in May of 2015 but was archived for lack of votes - Include SCORM objects on course imports. Let's not let this feature pass us up again!




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Yes, Yes, Yes!   Can't wait until I can vote. . .

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Until this is fixed, SCORM is limping along. 

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Community Coach


This is a great idea and one that proposed a year ago and archived for lack of votes. You can view the original idea and its comments at , and you may want to add a link to this idea in your current request.

Since there are no similar current ideas, I am recommending that yours open for voting in the next period. You may want to check out How does the voting process work for feature ideas?

There is also a request to create a new Community Group to discuss and learn about SCORM. You can vote for this group to be created at

I hope this helps,


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Thanks Kelley! I’ve added a link to the previous request!

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Yes, please Smiley Happy, if SCORM were a bit more tightly integrated I'd recommend it more often. We have several tools (Kaltura, Adobe Presenter, Adobe Storyline, Camtasia) that can use SCORM but we don't usually enable it as it does require more work and is less intuitive.

- Melanie

Community Team
Community Team

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. June 1, 2016 - Wed. September 7, 2016.

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There is only one "true" way to make Canvas SCORM conformant, and that is to run a test with ADL's Conformance Test Suite, which is free to do. Until then, I only use SCORM for non-critical, low-stakes educational objects, and even then, you have to advise faculty that it may or may not always work as intended. It feels like SCORM is not a priority for Canvas, or it has been placed aside.

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It seems that interchangeability with ANY other source is not a high priority.  Ask educators who are switching from Moodle. . .  Same thing goes for SCORM.


YES! For all those who use SCORM, this is a must. Copying content forward from one course to another should include all content, including SCORM. We need to help our instructors make the semester transitions as easy as possible. This would be a HUGE help to some of our instructors at Colorado State University.

Melody Brake