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The change to the Copy to and Share to course selection menu in January populates the selection list with every course a teacher has in their enrollment history. The previous feature request around this idea was marked resolved following a subsequent product release that added the term to the course list information. While this helps, I still receive reports from teachers who cannot see all their courses in the menu. We've found that the bottom of the course selection list extends below the bottom of the screen when the browser is zoomed preventing staff from being able to see and select courses at the bottom of the list. Inconveniently, it's the current courses that are at the bottom of the list. If the selection menu only presented active course, like it does in Commons, this wouldn't even be an issue.

I've inquired numerous times, but no only has been able to provide me with a rational for showing inactive courses in this course selection list. If a teacher selects any of these courses for import, they receive the error message, "There was a problem starting import operation." My teachers don't understand what this message means, only that their attempt to import has failed. We're 7 years into Canvas, many of our teachers have a long enrollment history, and IMO a selection menu that is going to generate an error message for 90% of the options is a poorly designed interface. The course selection list should be simplified back to it's previous state, where teachers only see their active courses for selection.


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A change in the Copy To dropdown functionality to select a course is creating more work for teachers. The dropdown used to automatically display teacher courses. Now, no courses automatically appear in the dropdown and a teacher is required to type in the field to start seeing options. This change is confusing and inefficient for users. We request that the dropdown automatically include a teacher's current courses (a return to previous functionality) to reduce the time and clicks needed to copy content from one course to another. 


The attached screenshot is of the Copy To menu that I am referring to.

Thank you.

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