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Copy of messages I send to entire class comes to my inbox

Copy of messages I send to entire class comes to my inbox

When I send a message to my entire class  and choose all participants including teachers (I am the only teacher), I would like for a copy to actually come to my inbox. If I don't want a copy, I can always just select "Students" when I am sending out the message.

Community Team
Community Team Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Users can access a copy of their sent messages by toggling the Inbox view to Sent; that is detailed in the Filter by Inbox section of How do I filter conversations as an instructor?  In addition, users who would like to receive an external notification of the sent message along with its contents can enable that in their notification preferences (How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an instructor?‌); it is the "Conversations Created By Me" setting, the default for which is "Do not send."

As instructors can already access the messages they've composed and sent within Canvas directly from the Inbox, we've archived this idea.

Thanks, Steve. Stay safe, and be well. Smiley Happy 


Thanks Stefanie. I know I can see messages by toggling to sent. But I would like to see them in my inbox if I elect to send to "All in...". This seems like it should go to everyone including me.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for letting us know that you are able to access the messages, Steve. We've opened this idea as a specific request to generate a copy of the message in the Inbox view in addition to the message that displays in the Sent folder.