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Copying Assignments to Multiple Classes

Copying Assignments to Multiple Classes

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There needs to be a way to copy assignments to multiple courses instead of one at a time. It is time-consuming for teachers. Going to Commons is time-consuming as well. We should be able to create an assignment in a course and then move to all the others. 

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Have you explored Blueprint Courses. This may be a good option for you if you are managing multiple similar courses.

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Hi Renee,

We are a K-12 district so we don't build our course at once. We need to push out assignments on a weekly basis. 

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YES!!!!!!!!! In our district, only the admin team can make blueprints so we have to copy the work we want to each class, one at a time.

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This would be a real time-saver.  If I have an announcement or an assignment I need to push out right away, I should be able to click copy and then check the boxes of the classes I want to copy to, just like I can when I import from Commons.  Instead, I have to 1) click "copy to", 2) select a course, 3)click "copy" , then click 4) close --- and then start the whole process again five more times.  20 clicks and the time involved in loading- not to mention room for error- accidentally skipping over a class, etc..  

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Thank you @care5 

I agree that this process could be improved. Right now I have 4 classes in different periods, but they are all the same content. Every time I want to share an assignment, I have to copy to it individually, find its place in the course sequence and then I have to go back in and move it from "imported" to "Formative" or "summative"  That is an unnecessary amount of steps to simply "reuse post" Literally a 15 step process that could be reduced to a checkbox item so that Block 1, 3, 4, and 5 all have the same assignment. Then if I want to move it or change the date I can.


Also a SYNC feature on the top would help so that if I forgot something from block 1 and wanted to modify it for all classes, I could just make the changes and "sync" it to the other 3 classes and not have to modify each assignment for each class. 

Thank you for your consideration 


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Agree with the need to copy an assignment to multiple classes at the same time. Having checkboxes would be great to determine which course the material would go to.

ALSO, the assignment should retain which grading group it is in instead of going to the imported assignments bin of death!

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Blueprint is not available to me. So now what?

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I agree with OP. Alternatively the ability to select multiple courses when creating an assignment initially. It can be done in other lmps I feel like this would be relatively easy to add and incredibly useful.

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YES!!! As a special educator I have several courses and want to copy assignments to all of them. It would be great if when you clicked on "copy to..." it would let you select multiple options at once as I don't want to put everything I make into the commons. 

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Yes!! This would be such a time saver!! Right now it feels like most of my time planning is sucked up just copying everything to each course! I have six courses and sometimes all of them are doing the same thing!!

I also STRONGLY agree with having the assignments retain their category/group when copying them so they don't end up as "Imported" every time. Again, with six different classes, it is easy to forget to go in after copying the assignment and move each to the correct group so they will actually sync to our district gradebook!!

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Completely agree with this suggestion. 

There should be a way when adding an assignment/file/announcement/etc to select other courses at the same time so you only have to use one click.  

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Any update on this suggestion?

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Sharing this with some coworkers. I see a previous comment appears to be removed.

I feel like Arrow A in the image below should be a checkbox.

The only issue I could foresee with this the optional ability to select a module for the item. If the courses do not have all the same modules, this could hinder that aspect of copying an item. Usually, when I am copying an item, the courses I am copying too are nearly identical so this is not an issue (usually due dates are the biggest differences). It would be ideal if it worked exactly as it does now, but with the ability to select multiple courses. If I still have to go to the other courses to add the copied item to a module, it does not improve the overall workflow compared to the existing method.

Copy To Improvements.PNG

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This feature would be so helpful as I work with 7th and 8th graders in the same hour. So, I have double the classrooms that regular education teachers experience.

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I am a music teacher and I have three canvas courses. I used to be able to copy assignment to and select the whole course and now I get all 12 sections instead of the group! It would be wonderful if the copy feature was brought back the way it used to be. 

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The Blueprint option is interesting, but I am looking to copy announcements that are pertinent to all of my different classes from one to the rest of them and setting up a Blueprint just wouldn't work for that. A selectable multi-copy option would create a HUGE benefit for announcements, assessments, assignments, and even discussions!

And I would readily give up the ability to automatically add it to a module. IMHO, adding an existing page to a module is easier and less time consuming than copying it course by course because I'm not always sure exactly which module it goes in and announcements don't really go into modules anyway.

Two thumbs up on this request!

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For teachers with many preps (I have 6), it would be extremely helpful to have a checkbox next to the "Copy to" feature, so that you could copy a page, resource, etc. to 2, 3, 4, or 5 classes instead of copying to one at a time. Thank you!

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This is a feature that is BADLY needed for K-12 Canvas teachers. I teach 5 different sections, but there is a lot of overlap. Freaking *School Loop* which sucked in a lot of ways still got this right. I could assign the same thing to any number of my sections and edit it ONCE for all of the sections without having to copy every single time. I teach 180 school days. I create things as I go. I need this to be streamlined ASAP. 

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When working in my course sandbox I create assignments and modules that I want to copy to multiple courses (My team sandbox for astronomy is where i build content for my campus and I teach 5 sections of astronomy that i do not want cross-linked). When I go to copy a quiz, assignment, or whole module, I am only allowed to copy it one at a time. I would like the option when "copy to" to select multiple courses and push them all at the same time instead of having to close and reopen that window 5 times.

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