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Copyright for images

Copyright for images

When we embed an image can Canvas include a field to add Copyright to an image so the copyright displays right below the image? e.g.

71761_Copyright example.pngCopyright example.png

Many licenses require images to have attribution of the artist as well as the photo image provider (especially if it is for commercial use).


At present it is very difficult to align the copyright under an image. If this was built in it would be good practice to acknowledge the artist and supplier.


I still miss an easy way to insert attributions when using the old or new RCE. I would really like a check box or similar in the screen where you choose your image from Unsplash or Flickr, where it would say something like "Add attribution text under image" or similar. This would add the creators name and link to the original site where the image was found, as well as something like "Puböiched under CC0-licence, or "Public domain" etc.


Learner II

@jblumbergIt seems like the new community doesn't let me give your props for your comment (or more generally promote it), but this is actually what brought me to the Canvas community today. If this idea is implemented, I want to see it implemented using the <figure> and <figcaption> tags in a more general way (the modal allows you to add a caption and doing so converts the image to one wrapped in the <figure> tag. This seems like it would be a low effort development that would improve accessibility and support better page design with images. The <figure> tag has been whitelisted since you posted originally, but it's not supported through the RCE which is how most users develop their content.


@mwolfenstein Thanks.  This was so long ago that I couldn't remember the discussion.

I think your approach using the <figure> tag sounds great.  This could be applied to any content... images, videos, etc...

The new RCE has a form that opens on the right hand side for; image options, video options etc...  I think an elegant solution would be a check box at the bottom of these option forms that says:

"Use Caption"

and then a greyed out caption area that is enabled if "Use Caption" is checked.

If "Use Caption" is checked than the image, video, etc... would get wrapped in a <figure> tag

I am not sure what the process is at this point to convince Canvas to pick this up as a feature request.


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@jblumbergI'm 100% with you on how you're envisioning the implementation. That's also part of why I'm saying that it's a relatively lightweight lift in terms of dev compared to some other possible approaches. Technically the feature request we're having this discussion in is in the "Open for Conversation" phase. I'm tempted to up vote it and tell people to upvote it, but I'm not sure because how it's described here is narrower than the sort of solution we're discussing which could have broader application and meet this need. Perhaps @CommunityTeam can help us answer the question of whether it makes sense to propose a separate idea that describes this broader implementation, or to just promote voting on this idea since Canvas design and development will ultimately take the path they find best for implementing it?