[Course Navigation] Make the Visibility icon clickable in Course Navigation items to change state


Currently, the Course Navigation menu shows a crossed-out eye Visibility icon for items in the menu that are not visible to students. However, unlike other areas of Canvas (such as Assignments and Modules), instructors cannot click this icon to change the state of the menu item.  Instead, they must go into Settings > Navigation, enable the item(s), and remember to click "Save".  At our institution, instructors are intuitively clicking these icons to make the item visible, and it is confusing and counterintuitive that these visibility icons do not operate like other visibility controls in Canvas.

Therefore, this idea asks that the visibility icon be afforded the same intuitive control that items in Assignments and Modules have - one click to enable/make them visible, another click to disable/hide.  When visible, the crossed-out eye would change to another icon, perhaps a small green check mark, in keeping with similar visual indicators elsewhere in Canvas.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni
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