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Course Nicknames Should Show in All Menus

Course Nicknames Should Show in All Menus

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Class nicknames should work in more than just the courses menu on the sidebar.  The official class names are a long string of letters and numbers and it takes a long time to figure out which class is which on the drop down menus when copying from class to class.  It would be nice if the nicknames were there.  Thank  you! 

Community Team
Community Team
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This would be extremely helpful for the copy function. We use our SIS to populate courses, and unfortunately that means the course names are identical at each building in the district. For teachers who teach one section at one school and one at another, the course codes are identical.

Many times, I have copied something to the wrong course because there is no way of knowing which course it went to. Course nicknames would make this INSTANTLY fixed.

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Agree a thousand percent!!  Even though I'm teaching at only one school, my drop-down "Copy To" menu shows four sections with the same title--two from this term and two queued up for next term--and I have to triple check to make sure I copied to the right one.  My entire department piled on about this in our last meeting--it's so frustrating.  Would be great if we could just see the nicknames in that dropdown menu!

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I agree! Every time I add a nickname to the Dashboard tile, it never sticks. It comes up in the sidebar menu when clicking on "courses" but I think it would be super helpful for students to see the nickname on their  dashboard as well.

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