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[Course Settings] Ability to remove non-broken links off Link Validator

[Course Settings] Ability to remove non-broken links off Link Validator

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I'd like to propose an option to manually mark links as 'not broken' within the Link Validation. Due to the server's inability to identify that quite a number of external links do work, the list of 'broken' links is incredibly long, however, when we go through and test, they work perfectly.

To be able to go through the list and manually test and remove from the list if it does work, would allow us to maintain the links much better going forward.


Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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I agree! Faculty who use this feature have complained about this often.

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I agree.  I have posted a similar idea elsewhere in the Idea forum (link below), specifically for links to public courses that we use in our blueprints/course templates to link to static-but-updatable resources elsewhere in Canvas: 

Allowlist for Link Validator Tool


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This would be great. So many times you know a link is actually correct, but it still shows as broken by link validator and it is frustrating.