[Course Settings] Including Enrolled Teachers when Copying a Course


I am copying 150 courses to the next academic year. I want to copy across the enrolled teachers. How long does it take for this sort of suggestion to be considered, and for action to be completed?

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Hi @JedKeenan -

Thanks for sharing this idea with the Community!

Ideas are reviewed routinely, but there's a lot involved in the development process. Even after an idea has been identified to be part of a future project, it could be months before Canvas users see it implemented. What is the feature development process for Instructure products? 

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@JedKeenan Do the 'new' and 'old' courses have a SIS ID set? If so, you could just pull a provisioning report of the enrollments, filter those to the old course, then use Excel or something to update the SIS ID of the old course to be the new course and use SIS Imports to create the enrollments in the new course.

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Thanks @brian_mullins.,

We went with an integration project instead and now take the enrolled faculty members from our timetable tool.:

We build courses and user accounts and enrol and unenroll automatically from our SIS tool. We also build assessments in the SIS tool and send grades back, all automatically.

We then have have sections built and faculty enrolled from the timetable automatically.

The remaining task for my team is importing content from the previous iteration, negating the opportunity for human error and freeing us to built and manage our pseudo Canvas homepage using cPanel hosting, the Joomla CMS and half a dozen extensions off of the Joomla Extension Directory (JED).


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