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Create Item Banks from MSWord

Create Item Banks from MSWord

It would be useful that when you create a question [item] bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one.




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Please add this feature1

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1816 up votes and counting...Canvas admin, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

"What we have here is failure to communicate."  

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Creating a quiz is already difficult, especially if you are needing to accommodate for 504/Sped. Being able to upload already created tests into Canvas' question banks makes so much sense. The problem remains that if I have multiple tests in Word (I'm an ELA teacher, of course I have tests created), and I can not use them in Canvas unless 1) I retype them into the questions banks, 2) I create Google Forms from my files and add the form into a virtual tool, 3) have a separate program that creates an RTI file, or 4) know how to create an RTI file through Word (and it may or may not do that, since I have no clue) which may or may not import correctly according to all accounts I have found in the forums.

Keeping the faith that things can happen if enough people request,


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More faculty contacted me today, asking about this feature.  They each assumed this feature existed and were confused by the difficulty they had finding it in Canvas. Suggesting they use the windows only Respondus or manually enter each question...was not well received.

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Especially us Mac users! 

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This is a need not a want!  The tools are out there to do this using Blackboard and a free account.  Why doesn't that move you Instructure??

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New problem! I have quizzes stuck in Examview I cannot get into Canvas (no access to Examview working from home. What a pain!). Anyone know how? 

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I think it is insane that this has not already been dealt with! Many of us write our own questions, have for years, and don't want to retype or cut/paste everything!!!!!

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I agree that the inability to import blocks of test questions easily into Canvas from common word processing software (like Word) or exported unformatted .txt files is a major inconvenience as I try to transition materials assembled over years and years of in-person teaching into a format accessible on-line.

Using Respondus 4.0 works, although it is not particularly elegant, and, being a predominantly Mac user adds additional complications to using this approach.


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I, We, need this feature please. Although I use Respondus currently, the ability to use a word processing software to build my question banks and directly upload them into Canvas without need of yet another software (Respondus) will make things better, faster and less costly. It will benefit the students, the teachers, the administrators, and ultimately, Instructure. 

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This thread is five years old.  The ability to import questions from Word or Excel or Text or anything other than another LMS is what I would consider the most basic functionality.  Is this ever going to happen?

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It would be very helpful if instructors could import questions from an already made Word, Google Doc, or .pdf file into Canvas quizzes and it would separate it into separate questions and build the quiz. SMART Notebook software would do that and create quizzes to be used with their Clicker response systems so I know it is possible at least for some question types.

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Canvas desperately needs to implement the ability to import quizzes from word. The work around that exist for this are simply far to complicated and time consuming. 

As a mac user I do not have access to Respondus which has been bantered around. I also simply do not have the time to go through blackboard (another LMS service) to get a file type necessary for this LMS. Not to mention that for each quiz I make, I need to make a separate nearly identical one to accommodate for Special Education/504 needs.

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Importing quizzes into Canvas independent of needing to use another LMS is obvious! Why has it not happened?

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Yes, please add this option.  This is needed for multiple reasons that other users have detailed already.

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Canvas needs to make it so that teacher's can EASILY upload tests (to Quizzes) using a specific format from a .doc or .docx file on their computer. It takes so long to copy and paste tests line by line. BLACKBOARD can do it! The ball is in your court Canvas.


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Echoing many of the comments posted here over the last 5 years. We just migrated to Canvas and have quickly realized how important this tool is for faculty that have developed quizzes using Word documents for over a decade.

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Why hasn't this happened yet!

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Canvas, please pay attention to your current users, before they become former users. And please make sure this functionality works for New Quizzes (which I understand you will force upon us soon). Thank you.

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Many times SMEs and our Curriculum department create test banks on Word docs (if not using publisher provided files) and being able to upload these documents to generate a test bank would be wonderful and very much appreciated.