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Create a navigation page that is available to add to the links sidebar (Modules/Assignments/Grades etc) called FEEDBACK. This should be an expanded page of the "Recent Feedback" section that shows up on the course homepage. However, this should ONLY show written comments feedback. (Exclude simple scores without additional feedback from teacher. Those scores are easily found under GRADES tab, and they clutter and hide the written comments that require follow up.)

I spend time writing comments to students, especially within quizzes on the written response questions that cannot be auto-graded by the computer. It takes a lot of effort for kids to find whether or not they have feedback. Their notifications are way too cluttered and overwhelming. The grades tab has a small icon of the speech bubble, but that is easily missed and required too many steps to expand and view all details.

If there were a choice to include FEEDBACK in the course navigation, that would be AWESOME and I would use it a lot.

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Great idea!  

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Do not hold your breath that this will get through to anyone at Canvas. People have been complaining about the terrible user interface that students see, how they have to know where to look and dig for both line edits and rubric comments, how the screen that they see is a tiny window inside the browser, since at least 2015. That's five years of a clumsy, hard-to-navigate page for students, five years of students thinking that their instructor did not give them feedback because the page they navigate is terrible, with no sign that Canvas is actually going to take action and change it. 

I'm sorry to be so pessimistic, but when I look at the forums and the posts, that is what I see. I am frustrated every term by the lengths I have to go to in order to explain to students how they can get all of their comments (view feedback and rubric). 

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This is a fantastic idea and something that my building has spoken about at length. We are using the app version of Canvas and have trained our students how to find teacher feedback/comments on their assignments. Even after training, our students are still really struggling. Viewing comments is not intuitive and students rarely know when/if a teacher has commented on their work. 

Being able to view teacher feedback is imperative for learning and growth. Many of our students in distance learning are not seeing teach feedback because the navigation is so clumsy. 

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yes.  Needs to happen.

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I agree.  If students paid for it, the updates would come faster for the student interface.  Because schools primarily use the web-based version and evaluate it based on that, it gets priority.  Feedback is essential for their growth and encouragement.  Some of the items on the menu are not essential.  Feedback is.  For example, the opportunity for us to provide feedback to you allows you to act and make the tool better.  Companies that don't take feedback and make adjustments fall by the wayside as other more responsive and adaptable companies shine.  Education is about growth--feedback is essential now more than ever using Canvas.  You have made providing feedback easy--let's not have the feedback go to waste because it is inconvenient to locate for the students.

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I agree! ALL students having access to feedback is essential in a LMS!

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I love this idea! I would also like something under the assignments navigation to see a flag next to the name of the assignments that have teacher comments and have them be bold or highlighted or something until the student has viewed the feedback. Feedback is critical to student learning and growth, and finding their feedback within the LMS is more important than ever in DL since we aren't as easily able to provide verbal feedback during their learning process in this current model. I hope Canvas will consider expediting this idea given the circumstances!

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Yes, please! The point of formative assessments is to provide feedback to enable the students to do better next time.  If they don't see the comments I make then it is moot.  Please add this so that it is easier for students to find my comments!

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Please create something that shows comments a teacher writes about graded work. Make it as easy to see as the grade.

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