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Create a single course calendar entry across multiple classes

Create a single course calendar entry across multiple classes

When you have an event that applies to multiple classes it would be Great to enter the event once and have it post to multiple course calendars.

What I would like is a way to enter the same assignment for multiple

classes, without having to type it in 3 or 4 different times.  For example:

We use the ALEKS Math program. I want to enter an 'ALEKS' work day for all

my classes, without having to retype it.


I know and who has time to go and just look around to see what people have suggested to "vote" for it.

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Aleks Math Aleks science

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I appreciate that there are limited resources, but there are hundreds (more likely thousands) of institutions PAYING to use Canvas. It shouldn't be so rudimentary. This is not a fancy feature or wishful thinking. It's insanely basic and should've been part of the initial design. It shouldn't be something that needs to be requested or begged for. 

The same goes for being able to post an announcement to multiple classes.

Every single school has events that they want to share with students. All full-time professors have office hours to post. Every school has holidays and deadlines. It is absurd that notifying students in different courses of things that apply across the campus is so tedious and time-consuming.

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On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 6:11 PM <

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For me just about starting ....I’m all for that the lesser the better


You are entitled to your opinion, of course! Let me know how you feel a year from now when you've been forced to use a system you don't like that doesn't work in some very basic ways.

Keep in mind too that just because a feature exists doesn't mean you have to use it. I didn't know I wanted it until I started managing multiple courses.

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I found a way around it:

  • create a Canvas calendar in 1 course
  • copy the ical link (calendar feed bottom right)
  • Create a new calendar in Google using URL:
    • Open your Google calendar
    • Click on the dropdown next to “Other Calendars” located on the left side menu
    • Select “Add by URL”
    • paste that URL into the URL field
    • Click “Add Calendar"
  • Go to the SETTINGS for that calendar by clicking on the ellipses after the calendar name
    • Add a Title to the calendar
    • Go to the Integrate section, just below the Embed Code, click the Customize link.
      • Modify the color, size, and add calendar title (top left). Its important that you do all this before you copy the Code to Embed.
    • Copy Code to Embed: Click the copy button to the far right
  • In Canvas, go to page you want to include your calendar and click Edit
    • Click HTML Editor (right)
    • Locate:  '<p>&nbsp</p>'   
    • highlight characters between the > and < and paste over it to Embed Code. If the editor is blank, just paste code.
    • Save and test it.
  • Copy HTML code for this course (go back into HTML, select and copy), to the courses you want to include the same calendar. 
  • OR FORGET the calendar in CANVAS, and use Google Calendar, just embed code into Canvas page using HTML link.
  • Note: Plan ahead, any changes you make to the Canvas calendar may take several hours to show up in the Google calendar; its a Google issue, not a Canvas issue.
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You are a genius! Thanks!

William Powell

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Not a genius, but always looking for shortcuts! Smiley Happy

Michelle Stevens, MSEd., MBA

CTE - Business Teacher/Career Development Coordinator

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Oh Michael, that seems like SOOOOOmuch work.  This was requested in 2015.  It is 2019.  Don't you think it could be added to the system by now?  Come on, Canvas.  Please make more user-friendly.

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So what's a lifetime of learning for


Check into Cross Listing those classes.

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...and here I am two years later, still looking for a way to do this. I want to add a single event to all of my classes, like "Last day to drop" or "No classes - Memorial Day".

FIVE YEARS after this "idea" (for which read "essential feature that just gets ignored") was floated, we still can't do this!

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I used Google Calendar and embedded it, it works well. You need to create a separate Calendar specific to your courses (1 calendar for each course - not class), and include (embed) it on the HOME page for all Canvas courses.  This allows for updating one calendar. I include assignment/test due dates, events, holidays etc.  I hope this helps.


I saw your initial post on that idea Michelle - it looks daunting!

If I get a chance I'll give it a try. Right now I'm just trying to make things work at a minimal level. I appreciate your reaching out...


It would be a nice feature for adding office hours which will be the same times everyday for all professors. 

And it will reduce the amount of clutter on my calendar too. 


This would be a wonderful feature for a Specials teacher that teaches classes on a specific "Day" schedule that is shared across the school. Now I have to make 7 separate calendars.


This is a good idea.  You can even have it set so you can choose the courses that are included in the multi calendar.

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How do you vote on this idea? I can't find the voting option on this one. 

I'm desperate to figure out how to do this on my canvas calendar! I don't want to enter my office hours at the same time for all of my classes. Five days per week x 10 more weeks x 3 classes = 150 calendar entries that I would have to type in individually. Help please!

Appointment groups doesn't work because they have to sign up for them. I want them to be drop in via zoom. 


It would be nice if you'll add all the courses when adding events and indicating the calendar and not only for the personal calendar.