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Create "Dark Mode" for Canvas

Create "Dark Mode" for Canvas

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Due to my migraines, it's hard to work when the screen is GLARING white, even when I turn down the brightness. 

I have everything in dark mode all the time to extend the amount of time I can work before I completely disintegrate into a pile of pain. If we could have this in Canvas, it would be extremely helpful for me.  Thank you!! 

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I think an idea for Dark Theme already exists here:" modifiedtitle="true" title="Dark ... (~350 upvotes). Make sure to add your vote here.

Furthermore, we had issues with Dark mode in the InstUI interface (see my comment via the idea link above).

Community Team
Community Team

Kelvin is absolutely correct: please add your comments to the active discussion underway at , and we'll mark this one for archival to remove the duplication and keep the conversation unified in one spot.

And Thank You ‌ for directing Sydney to the existing idea! Kelvin has received a thank-you badge accompanied by 50 points for helping to keep the Ideas‌ forum streamlined and organized.