Create rubrics that adjust based on the point value of the assignment

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Currently, when you apply a rubric to an assignment or discussion, and select "Use this rubric in grading," if the point value of the rubric differs from the assignment/discussion, the rubric is either a) mismatched in points or else b) adjusts the point value of the assignment to match the rubric.

Option a is unworkable, since it means that assignments could be worth over 100% if the rubric has more points than the assignment. Option b also creates problems since if the assignment point value is changed, then its weight in the course grading as a whole also changes.

So currently, the only thing you can do is to edit the rubric's point values manually, which creates a new copy of the rubric in the course. This is tedious, and also error-prone, if the rubric points and assignment points are something like 100 vs. 17.

What we want is a way to have rubrics that adjust their points based on the point value of the assignment.

This could be done easily if you could define the criteria by percentages, not point values. For example, Criteria 1 = 75% of total, Criteria 2 = 25%. Then, if the assignment was worth 100 points, getting full marks on Criteria 1 would be 75 points on the rubric and full marks on Criteria 2 would be 25. But if the assignment were worth 10 points, it would be 7.5 points and 2.5 points, respectively.

We used to have this feature in our old LMS, Populi, and we are having to adapt how we handle rubrics because it is currently lacking in Canvas. Thanks for your consideration!

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I have worked in other LMS where the rubric adjusts according to the assignment points instead of the rubric needing to match the total points exactly.