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Custom rearrangement of columns in gradebook

Custom rearrangement of columns in gradebook

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It would be nice if instructors could rearrange the columns in the gradebook column by column (without having to drag columns in the gradebook) and without having to group them.  When there are numerous assignments, there is not enough room on the screen to move columns easily and when you filter and group them, I am not able to put the groups in the order I want (since I do not want them alphabetically or by date).  Could this change be made?

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Community Team
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I completely agree with this suggestion. There should be some sort of "Column Organization" feature where we can arrange the gradebook columns. Having to drag and drop within the limit of our screen width is not making efficient use of our time.

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@KathrynB @bmcginnis2 

I completely agree that it would be nice to move columns where ever and have them stay there.

You mention a little bit about the view option for viewing the gradebook in a particular order.

The following is a possible partial solution.  I am wondering if you considered the default view (my guess is that you did).  In the default view, the columns show up in the order of the assignments on the assignment page.  Now all you do is rearrange the assignments in the order you want to see them in the gradebook.  I think it is easier to rearrange the assignments that way than on the gradebook page.  Of course that does not work well if you are using a weighted grade book as your assignments would no longer be in the appropriate group.  However, if you are using a points based grade book, then it could work - not ideal but a method.  


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When you drag an assignment manually you can only move as far as what's visible on the current page. To move further, you need to drop the column you're dragging, scroll manually, and then resume the limited drag, over and over and over. There needs to be a scroll feature so that if you go to the extreme right or left of the page the page will move and the column you are dragging will continue scrolling in that direction.

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An Academic from our organisation agrees that it would be really helpful to be able to manage / reorganise the columns in the GradeBook. It appears these columns are created in the sequence in which the assignments are created, which is not always the date sequence, making it a little messy to work in. The flexibility to move the Gradebook columns would help to organise by date and or graded and ungraded assignments. In large units - 500 plus, having the capacity to rearrange columns to reflect the progression of unit/ or other criteria adds efficiency.

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I am still completely frustrated by the way columns are organized and you have to drag one assignment multiple times because of the small screen width.  Looking at assignments in groups does not help when you have columns you want at the very end of the spreadsheet (like the total % columns) because they move if you look at the spreadsheet in groups.  I REALLY WISH Canvas would make this feature easier to the way it stands it wastes a LOT of my time, which I do not have!

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When I publish an assignment, sometimes I want to move it to a different location within my grade book.  I have another teacher in the same class who is posting modified assignments for select students so we keep all of her assignments at the end of the grade book. Currently, I can only move an assignment over 3-4 assignments at a time, then I have to adjust the computer screen and then move it again, repeating this until I get it where I want the assignment.  It would be nice if, when I move an assignment, the gradebook would continue to move in the same direction so I could just keep "pulling" it and then drop it once I have it where the assignment should go.  It would make moving assignments much easier.