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Dark Theme/Dark Mode for Canvas

Dark Theme/Dark Mode for Canvas


Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and the bright white light from Canvas can hurt their eyes. The main reason why I want it is because it would look better on my computer. Youtube and Google have these options, why not Canvas? Thank you for reading!


  Comments from Instructure

While we are not able to announce that this idea has been completed, it is important to celebrate that Dark Mode has been added to Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, and Canvas Parent. (2022-07-05)

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Commenting in support of this as well — working with accessibility in mind, this would be an amazing way to support users with different needs. It could also help with a tiny bit of battery usage for individuals who are limited to mobile devices for connectivity.

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How do we go about bumping this?  I'm new to the community...

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I do want to point out that Dark Mode does exist in the Canvas Parent app, but not the other apps (Student and Teacher) (How do I manage my settings in the Canvas Parent a... - Canvas Community).

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I second that!!

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Dark Mode.

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I have to agree that dark themes are very helpful for students. Even if I am working during the day, light themes strain my eyes more than dark ones. I would love to see an official canvas dark theme, rather than have to reply on third party apps.

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Similar to apple ios devices, i think including a dark mode option would be an good add on to canvas. Looking at a computer all day with the bright white lights, having an option where there is a black background like apple offers. 

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I'd appreciate the integration of "dark mode" on all platforms. I'm pretty sure others will as well.

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The fact that this was posted in 2018 (this is now late 2020) gives me little hope. 

I was hoping for dark mode because of my eyes. I like to use different colors for my different classes. I have LOTS of work in each class (web dev student") so I have many things due on a day but from different classes. As such I need to know from WHICH class, thus I use different colors. So let's say I want 3 pink things 2 blue things 4 purple things. Problem is, few colors meet the color contrast accessibility guidelines  (which you could check out here with a white background. even with darker colors there is still a problem, because all the lines are so thin, all the lines look like black if you choose a dark color which just brings us back to our original problem. So again, this is an accessibility problem for visually impaired people. I would assume something so widely used would be up to speed on something as simple as a dark mode to help visually impaired people. 

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My eyes hurt everytime I open Canvas at 7 am, please, we need dark mode.


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Hello @erikamg17 , as you can tell from this link , you are not the first to ask for this.  This link also has some options that could be used.


Best of luck!

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Please add darkmode. My eyes are sensitive. 

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Hey, I know other people have suggested it, but I want to throw it out there as well. I think a Dark Mode for canvas would be really beneficial. I personally have more trouble reading dark text over a light background than the other way around. Plus working on canvas late at night can be blinding with the normal screen tones canvas provides even with the blue light disabled through my laptops settings. I notice myself wanting to work more on my homework than I actually do because the eye strain from the white background just gets to be too much.

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Students across the globe, including myself, are using Canvas for their online coursework - the key word here is online.  It is literally painful to be online all day without dark mode options.  My most commonly used platforms are OneNote, Canvas, Google Docs, and Zoom.  I have Dark Mode enabled on OneNote and I have a Chrome extension for Dark Mode on Docs.  Zoom is inherently in Dark Mode.  It's your turn, Canvas, to preserve the eyesight of myself and millions of other students and instructors.  Please design a Dark Mode.

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dark theme would be great and it looks cool and i think it could also help with people who's sights vary

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yes i do agree it can help w/ not hurting eyes and it does look kinda cool

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there should be an ability to enable dark mode for students studying late at night, without risking hurting their eyes from blue light.

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The original 'white mode' on Canvas sucks, let me tell you. Dark Mode needs to be on Canvas for people who want it/need it.

We need a Dark Mode on Canvas because users like me like DM (Dark Mode), are sensitive to bright vibrant colors. People have terrible headaches from white color. We need DM because people like DM or are sensitive to bright colors/lights..etc. I love DM because my eyes don't get strained from looking at my screen, and the black background is much better than Canvas' color choice, as I like to call it, "Straining Bright White". Other apps have DM. I know some people like "Straining Bright White" but some of us, including me, DON'T LIKE IT. Canvas, make DM happen. I'm not gonna say it again. MAKE. DARK. MODE. HAPPEN.


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It would be fantastic if there was a dark mode available for SpeedGrader!

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Yes, dark mode on the Canvas website is a must!