[Dashboard] Allow Past Enrollment courses to be starred as favorites


Please allow Past Enrollment courses to be starred as favorites. I am an instructional technology curriculum specialist and frequently need to refer back to past enrollment training courses while facilitating PD.  I would like to be able to keep some of these courses on my dashboard. Instead, I now must go to All Courses, and scroll down to select the course the past enrollment that I want to open. This is very time-consuming if I have to do this every time I want to refer back to a Past Enrollment course. Also, the teachers that I work with during the PD workshops, want to be able to quickly view a Past Enrollment as they are developing their new courses. Please allow for the Past Enrollment courses to be starred as favorites. Thank you. 

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Community Team
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Yes, this is an integral part of teaching any course. As I plan or deliver course material I always need to build off of what was done before, even if I am changing something. It is very routine aspect of teaching, and the current inability to quickly refer back to a "favorite" preceding version of the course in Canvas is an frustrating time-sink. Thanks for the idea.

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