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Card view of the dashboard is my preferred method for viewing at-a-glance what is going on in my courses.  Currently, when I first login to Canvas I'm brought to the card view but if I then click into a course and try to go back to the card view by clicking Dashboard in the sidebar, I'm brought to the list view with no option to change it.  I have to either click on my name in the top right corner to bring up the dropdown and click the "Canvas" link to bring me back to the card view or I need to navigate to the login link again.

The Dashboard sidebar link should display Dashboard in card view by default, and have an option to change it if a user has another preference.  This is especially frustrating because currently both the Dashboard and the Canvas logo links in the sidebar bring me to the list view.  It would be more intuitive for the Dashboard link to bring the user to the card view and the Canvas logo link to bring the user to the list view.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. What you've described is not the designed or expected behavior. When students set their Dashboard to the course card view, that view persists until they manually change it. It's possible that there is a caching issue or other obstacle on your device or browser that is causing the List View to "stick." If the normal cache-and-clearing process doesn't resolve this issue, please ask Canvas Support to investigate this on your behalf by using the support pathway defined by your school (How do I get help with Canvas as a student? provides general instructions).