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Dashboard Organization

Dashboard Organization

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I am writing multiple courses for each grade level K-6.  I would love to be able to organize the courses on my dashboard into folders based on the grade level, and then another folder based on the content area.  


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Community Team
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THIS WOULD BE AMAZING!! I work in professional development for the K-12 world and it would be a huge help if I could organize my Dashboard into folders, This way I am not scrolling and scrolling through courses and having to spend time moving them all around to keep some organization. Please make this a feature! 

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Yes! As an instructional designer, I get added to hundreds of spaces and trying to sort through courses is not easy!

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That would be an excellent option! 


Absolutely agree with this.  At the admin level, it would be great to have some level of organization for multiple courses/content in one place.


This would be a great idea.  As a curriculum writer for my district, I have a variety of grade levels with many modules to organize.  Having a way to group them easily would be amazing.


That would be great to be able to organize the dashboard into categories.  It already does "published" and "non publish" categories, it would be great to organize by subject or levels. 

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Would be of great benefit to admin, faculty and students...

Drop down- sort with possible options such as:

  • term
  • start date
  • course name
  • role - especially for faculty who are both students and faculty and perhaps observer
  • others ???

Or add headings???

Or ???

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This is great idea!   As a technology & curriculum coach, I have so many courses on my dashboard.  Being able to organize them into folders would be very helpful.