Data-* attributes work in the html editor. Please add it to the allowlist

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Data-* attributes can be used in the html-editor but isn’t part of the HTML allowlist. It would be really great if it could be added to the allowlist

  • because it already works
  • because of the unique features it brings to Canvas in combination with custom js/css files
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I would be good to update the documentation to be inline with what Canvas allows.

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Idea concurred with much gusto.😉 It seems that because of recent updates to the way browsers like Google Chrome and others handle passing referral URLs to other sites, it is now critical that Canvas considers the whitelisting of HTML attributes.

Our institution is now presented with the limitation in Canvas that our students can not click on a weblink to access a legitimate site to sign up for student discount cards because of this. The consequences are that students are forced to go off Canvas to conduct other essential business. 

I raised this with Support desk only to be referred to the Community. The nub of the case, therefore, is this.

When deliberating risks, Instructure should consider (though no doubt they already have) the possibility that the definitive learning platform of the future that holds its own against the ever increasing competition, not least from Microsoft or Google,  will be the one that not only dazzles with features and functionality from within, but presents the least learning obstacles and difficulties without!