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Default Course Configuration

Default Course Configuration


The idea is fairly straightforward: add the ability to define a "default configuration" for all new courses. This would mean that, instead of the Canvas default settings, when a new course is create those setting chosen by the institution would be loaded. This would include, but is not limited to:

  • Term
  • Starts
  • Ends
  • File Storage
  • Grading Scheme
  • License
  • Copyright
  • Visibility
  • Format
  • Offline Course
  • Everything under "more options"
  • Navigation

I can think of 2 ways of implementing this idea:

  1. Make it a one-off that can only be configured at root
  2. Make it like the account-level rubrics and/or themes
    • When creating a new course, the user would select the configuration to use, if nothing is selected it just uses the Canvas defaults

This idea could also be combined to work with  @Kelvin_Dean 's idea for This integration of ideas I could see coming in one of the following 2 methods:

  1. When creating the course, the configuration used is stored in the course settings (read-only) and resetting restores to that configuration
  2. When resetting the configuration the user is offered the same choice to select a configuration to reset to, even if it differs from what was originally used

Both of those integration possibilities would allow for selection of what settings to restore (i.e., navigation-only).


Providing a bit more global setting control would be great. We are currently wrestling with hiding overall grade in Canvas as we have sync back to our SIS. Having those 2 conflict if a teacher is pre weighting stuff would be troublesome for parents and students.


@cesbrandt, @berninghausen and others interested in this idea. consider rating and/or commenting on this closely-related, long-running Idea Exchange conversation: