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Delete Button for Catalog Header Images

Delete Button for Catalog Header Images


Hi everyone,

We want a way to be able to delete header, logo, and favicon images from Catalog.

Currently, when you upload a header, logo, or favicon image to a Catalog or Subcatalog you cannot delete this image if you made a mistake when uploading the image.

You start off with a blank slate in the Catalog:


But notice, there is nowhere to delete the image. We would like a button next to each preview screen to be able to delete the image.

So, within a subcatalog I uploaded an image:


and it appears here:308255_pastedImage_3.png

This would prevent getting calls from Catalog admins about how to revert their work.

Learner II

It's challenging that this isn't a feature. Mistakes are often made

Community Advocate
Community Advocate