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Delete Option Within Discussions, etc.

Delete Option Within Discussions, etc.

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In areas such as Discussions for example, when an instructor clicks on options, several options show up in a list.  Delete tends to be near the top of the list.  For Discussions, I see in this order: Mark all as read, Delete, Speedgrader, then several other options.  In more than one occasion, I have accidentally clicked on Delete when meaning to click on one of the other two listed above.  This is very frustrating and I think an easy fix is for Canvas to always put the Delete option last within a list.  It seems like an obvious and intuitive thing to me.

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I agree 100%. This should be doable as it doesn't appear that an alphabetical sequence is enforced.

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I completely agree. I'm always careful not to accidently click on "delete," but seeing it near the top of the list makes me nervous.  In all of the dropdown menus, "delete" should be moved to the end. This is should be an easy "fix" for the Canvas programmers.