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Delete multiple pages

Delete multiple pages

Deleting pages one at a time can be time-consuming - 3 clicks per page.  It would be great to mark them and delete in bulk.  Seems like most course creators will face this at one time or other.  I'm resubmitting this idea, which failed to get enough votes. I wonder if it was the time period - end of semester, so not when people are creating or updating their courses.  Maybe now is a better time for this idea!


This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2020-08-15) 

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Seconding Ron's comment above.  Bulk operations are very sorely missing from Canvas.  Whether it's publish / unpublish, or delete, or moving assignments from one group to another.  Whether we're working under files, or modules, or pages, or assignments.  Every action must be performed on one item at a time, and it is such a frequent occurrence to need to perform an action on multiple items at once, which sometimes ends up taking 20X longer than it should. 

Allowing us to use Ctrl for multiple select, or adding a "Select" option that places check boxes by all items would be wonderful.  We've been performing this type of operation within our operating systems since GUI interfaces existed.  Lately our cell phones have gotten pretty good at it (e.g. "select the photos you want to share").  Google Drive and Dropbox do it.  Even WebAssign can sort of do it, and its interface is relatively clumsy and unintuitive. But for whatever reason Canvas has not caught up.  

Community Team
Community Team

The Radar idea stage has been removed from the Feature Idea Process.  You can read more about why in the blog post Adaptation: Feature Idea Process Changes.


This change will only impact the stage sort of this idea and will not change how it is voted on or how it is considered during prioritization activities.  This change will streamline the list of ideas 'open for voting', making it easier for you to see the true top voted ideas in one sort, here.

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Hi, is this still under consideration? Bulk operations are important and it is sorely missing in Canvas. It is unnecessarily time-consuming to perform what should otherwise be straightforward tasks - moving assignments to different groups, deleting, publishing and unpublishing pages, changing user roles and sections and etc. Having the capability of operating by bulk will make content and user management much smoother and a lot less painful. 

Community Team
Community Team

Howdy  @may_leong  

This idea is currently open for voting among all other great ideas!  You can read more about how these ideas inform the product development process in What is the feature development process for Canvas?‌, and will have some information as well.

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100% agree!  The fact that this program doesn't have check boxes to delete multiple files/pages at once amazes me.  Not having this makes Canvas feels like a 1990's computer program.  Canvas....PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!

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How is 'this' still a thing? It's been on the request board for 4 years! This page alone has had 3138 views! Not all people are going to log in to vote. It's a simple UI request - to add check boxes that tie on-click function with delete command. I imported a ton of pages from an old course for reference and some pages from a pre-requisite course so that I could ensure I was building more advanced content than the prior course taught by a different instructor. I have 40+ pages I need to delete. The course is now live...I don't want to "reset" the course with students enrolled. 

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This is a necessary feature for all of us. I am adjunct currently teaching multiple courses at multiple schools, many of which are the same but still different. When porting in a course I change contact every semester. Multiple page deletions is necessary n my courses online. 

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Please add this! Deleting individual pages is the bane of my existence.

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I 100% agree - updating courses is torture as I have to delete individual pages (usually about 80 or so per course) before I can upload the new content

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My current hypothesis is that Canvas is owned by a group of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgeons. It would explain a lot.

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Its a simple feature and is everywhere. Why is Canvas adamant to not have this feature that is essentially basic? Does Canvas wants us to move elsewhere?!

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I needed to quickly delete all pages on one of my course sites after a content migration gone awry, and the best solution (sadly enough!) was to write a quick Python script using UCF's outstanding Canvas API wrapper for Python.  You'll first need to install this module into your Python environment (as easy as pip install canvasapi) and then generate an access token for the API.  Just fill in your access token, your institution's API URL, and your course ID, and this script will quickly and easily delete all pages within your course.  You should also remove your front page before proceeding as the script will otherwise exit with an error when it encounters your front page.

Note that this also works with assignments, quizzes, etc.  Just replace the call to get_pages() with get_assignments(), get_quizzes(), etc.

from canvasapi import Canvas

api_token = '' # add your token between the single quotation marks
api_url = '' # add your institution's API url (i.e., between the single quotation marks
course_id = 0 # replace 0 with your course ID

canvas = Canvas(api_url, api_token)
course = canvas.get_course(course_id)
pages = course.get_pages()
for page in pages:
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Please. This would really save a lot of time for many of us. 

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It is nothing short of comedy that something as innocuous, simple, and yet useful as "select and delete multiple items/pages" needs to sit in committee vote for nearly 5 years before being considered nay implemented for instructors.

The East German Politiboro has nothing on you guys for glacial, bureaucratic foot-dragging.

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I want to second this! This seems to be such a simple addition that would make the creating and editing of courses so much easier!

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Please add this feature.  Need to get things in my courses cleaned up more quickly.  

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Please, please, please bring this feature! 

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Please! this is a simple feature that will really help instructors focus their time and energy where it is most needed.

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Yes, pages and so many Canvas workflows keep users doing repetitive tasks one mind-numbing item by mind-numbing item. From misguided interfaces like the "speed" grader to loading audiovisual content onto pages, workflows in Canvas are soul-crushingly tedious. How else could I justify the time I am giving to this post while my work remains unfinished? My shoulders droop to imperceptibly lower levels between each sequence of;

"point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click, refresh-point-click-point-click-paste-point-click..."

By the time I complete a round of grading 140 student submissions (or deleting 80 pages mistakenly copied to my sandbox), my head, neck, and shoulders are hunched inches from my desk as tears fall silently into the keys.

Wow, it feels good to vent. Now I see why you created the community. Nice move, Instructure.

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Hooooow is this not a thing? I can't even in good faith ask my RA to do it for me, because talk about punishment without learning anything.