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Delete submissions by students

Delete submissions by students



A situation recently came up in class where we wanted to remove a submission that a student uploaded to an assignment. We were told by support that "the only way to do that is to remove the assignment completely from the course," which isn't the most convenient thing (because then we delete other submissions by other students).


It would be useful to have an option for faculty and TAs to delete submissions for individual students.


Thank you!

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I vote YES!!

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At least allow the institution’s Canvas admins the ability to delete submissions when requested by instructors, rather than deleting the entire assignment. This would help until a better solution could be worked out.

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Fantastic idea. Often, working with 11-year-olds, they don't look at the task clearly, or upload the wrong image or PDF. We use this for portfolios and in future for reporting, so we need the feature so we can remove the wrong submissions and clearly communicate feedback on the right tasks to students and parents.

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I used Blackboard prior to this semester and this useful feature existed because it allowed me to delete incorrect submissions.  Please add a function to CANVAS that would allow instructors to easily be able to delete an incorrect submission.  This causes less work than having to go in and reopen an assignment for each student that may have submitted an incorrect assignment.

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I once had a student upload a 1 gigabyte .ZIP file by mistake. I really wanted to delete that because it was just wasting space unnecessarily. 

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 @JACOBSEN_C ‌, the first arrow in your screenshot points to the net total of votes, which represents the overall score for the idea. The second arrow points to the separate totals for UP votes and DOWN votes, and subtracting the DOWNs from the UPs yields the score to which the first arrow is pointing.

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I will spare the entire list of details here and supply a small situation which brought me to this response. 

I teach photography... A female student in my class uploaded an image on accident to an assignment that was then supposed to be peer reviewed. By the time she realized the photo was not meant for distribution it was already being peer reviewed. I removed all peer reviews from the peer review list but she is unable to remove the photo and so am I or anyone else. 

This is a privacy issue. However, SOMEONE should be able to delete and remove a file. Minimally an educator in charge of the course. 

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I third grade and have the same issue as Kelly Meeusen. Students have posted a correct answer to one assignment...but in a different assignment. ugh! The students are young, and it would be so much quicker if I could just most if for them to rectify the problem. I've also had the situation where a student posted his answers into a "Homework Assignment" that I inadvertently had left published but which was just a sample assignment posted by tech in my district. He was the only one to have done that, and I'd like to transfer his answers to the correct assignment and unpublish the example assignment. (I don't want to delete it b/c it had some clever graphics I'd like to keep.) THIS is why we need a "transfer" as well as "delete" feature. Many of us are new at Canvas (teachers and students alike), and these issues come up. If this feature has been added, please let me know! I'd love to utilize it! Thank-you! 🙂 

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A 'transfer' would be so helpful if students and/or teachers had access to it! We have some very young students who repeatedly upload assignments to the wrong course.


 @marthazumack ‌, agreed! There's a different long-running feature idea which I believe focuses on the transfer possibility:

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The reason I would want to delete a submission by a student, and not simply allow for a resubmission is because sometimes (more often than you'd think among young adults) students submit to the wrong assignment. This gives the instructor the incorrect information that the student has submitted assignment B and not submitted assignment A. The instructor does not detect the error until he begins grading.

Another reason I would want to delete a submission is because I don't normally allow resubmissions in my assignments.


Deleting submissions is an essential feature. Disappointed to see how long it has been proposed with no action. The general attitude of "retain everything" is mistaken.


Please create a function for instructors to delete incorrectly uploaded assignments so that students can resubmit them. Further, instructors should also have the ability to create additional attempts for specific students instead of increasing the amount of allowable attempts for the entire class.  



We need this feature!

Please enable submission deletions or the ability to ignore submissions.

Once a student submits you can't turn the assignment into a group assignment.



Here's a situation where i want to delete a submitted assignment. I loaded fa district purchased course from the Commons which came with all assignments published. I added assignments to modules with prerequisites so that I thought students would not be able to get into an assignment early. But 2 gung-ho students. instead of working from modules, went straight to the assignments list and started working on quizzes not yet shown in the modules. Fortunately only two, and I found I could lock them, but not unpublish or remove their submissions. Note that they were showing as unpublished in my modules, but published in my assignment list.

Workaround - I copied an unpublished version of each assignment from a different course into the one in question and deleted the version students had worked on. Now they can restart the quizzes at the proper time after actually completing prerequisite work.

I know to prevent this in future I can hide Assignments and Quizzes from student view in their menu, but apparently mine was set up as visible by default.


I am disappointed to find this upgrade taking so long to implement.  I have a student that mistakenly uploaded a sensitive document from their scanner instead of their homework.  My TAs, that I need to grade assignments, can see it all semester, or I have to delete 630 student's submissions to remove it.  This doesn't happen often, but it should be an easy fix when it does occur - allow the instructor to delete files.


I would like to be able to delete accidental submissions by students. Sometimes students submit a file to the wrong assignment, and I am unable to delete that file submission.


I have the same problem mentioned many times in this discussion. I have a student who is very new to technology and uploaded a blank worksheet to several assignments. I have another student who submitted one completed assignment to the wrong assignment. I need to be able to delete or archive these. It makes it hard to track what the students still need to complete. Why has this been discussed for four years and never actually implemented?


I would like to ad my input and if there is another way around it, please share. I have 4 class periods within 1 course. I created a quiz through Edpuzzle and placed it within a canvas assignment. Each class period had it's own quiz and I put open, until, and due times within that class period. One of my students from 2nd period somehow got into the 3rd period quiz and now that quiz is showing up in both the canvas gradebook and the Infinite Canvas gradebook because of his one submission. I transferred the grade into the right column, but it's still showing up because his submission is still there. If I could delete the submission, then it would solve this problem.