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Desmos Classroom Activity LTI

Desmos Classroom Activity LTI


Desmos classroom activities are amazing ways for educators to help their students connect mathematical ideas and concepts into reality, and allow them to manipulate data and visualize the concepts that they are learning. Desmos Activities are a great way to host interactive notes in the classroom as well as a fun way to make cardsort or graph based assignments. 


It would be incredible if Desmos Classroom Activities was a LTI partner where teachers could assign an activity to a canvas class, and have the students log in only with canvas, submit the assignment, and then have it show up on teachers SpeedGrader tool. This would also give students the ability to complete & come back to their work in a Desmos activity without having to leave the canvas site or sign in with google. 

Community Member

My math students use Desmos every day.  I would love for them to have easy access through Canvas.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I agree with everyone. We use a lot of Desmos activities and it would be great if there was an LTI. 

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Yes please!

Community Member

I notice this thread hasn't had a post since September 2020; and now, in April, it may seem late for distance learning purposes to upvote this.  However, as we reflect on what we've learned from remote teaching and learning over the last year, the integration with Canvas is something that our department and likely others in our large district (6 comprehensive high schools) would keep using moving forward past the pandemic.  Please make this happen - that would be awesome!

Community Member

Yes!!!!!! I would love this as I have been using Desmos activities that I find and have created some that I would love to be able to grade from Canvas and have my students access it from Canvas.  As mentioned before both the activities and the graphing calculator would be great but the graphing calculator is not usually a graded assignment and my activities are graded for completion.


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