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With changes in online assessment and flexible learning that Canvas has to offer, having a seamless, online graphing calculator is needed for both math and science coursework to provide and discover reasoning with analytical evidence.  I would recommend partnering with Desmos to integrate their graphing utility into Canvas LMS.  #desmos #online quizzes #assessment design       

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Hi  @smiller13 ...

What if you used this piece of embed code to embed the Desmos Graphing Calculator on a Canvas page...would that work for you?

<p><iframe src="" width="1000" height="800"></iframe></p>
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Thanks Chris. I have done that and it has worked well. The full integration would allow students to communicate graphically with each other and to teachers.

Scott Miller

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Interesting!  Thanks for the extra bit of information.


Yes!  I contacted Desmos last school year about this.  Definitely contact Desmos and ask them for Canvas LTI integration!!  


Nice Chris! I was making it more complicated and looking for an embed code to grab. I should have just wrote my own, sometimes the simplest is best.

I had been looking for a way to add Desmos into the Stimulus in Quizzes.Next so that we can simulate the look of state tests. Dropping your snippet into the embed option of RCE and then attaching questions to that stimulus works well. It isn't perfect, but it is a closer approximation for what they will encounter on the state test. 

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As a school that uses desmos test mode for testing, the app integration for lockdown browser would be a seamless way to ensure all students have access to a graphing calculator no matter where they are located.  We have had to link the online desmos, and this is not the same graphing calculator that they will be able to use on their state tests.

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Hi Paul,

You can change the url in the source code below to utilize your state test version of the calculator.  For me in Virginia, I would use

<p><iframe src="" width="1000" height="800"></iframe></p>
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While the embed code is helpful, it doesn't quite achieve the goal of students being able to log in so that their progress can be interactable with other students. This would allow teachers to use the full potential of both desmos graphing calculators and classroom activities.

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Still hoping for this feature!

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I would use the iframe embed code on my quizzes, but then in a student's quiz log they would be marked as having left the canvas page when they would click into the embedded Desmos. 


It would be great if you had the option to embed a graphing calculator. I might suggest Numworks over Desmos, as it also has a handheld version students can use for non-online assignments. 

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Problem statement:

In New Quizzes, I would like to see the option for the Desmos Calculator. Currently, there is a basic calculator and a scientific calculator. On the ACT and State Testing, students use the Desmos Calculator.

Proposed solution:

It would benefit students to have a consistent experience between Canvas Testing and ACT / State Testing.

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