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Different access codes to each class section

Different access codes to each class section


I would love to be able to set different access codes for a quiz for each section of the class. Because they meet at different times, I have to edit the quiz after each section takes it to change the code. Even though you can set the time/date the quiz is open for each section, sometimes schedule changes mid-week can impact those settings. I think it would provide better security/integrity to the quiz if I could just set different access codes from the beginning.

Community Coach
Community Coach


Because testing security is such an important issue, and especially so in  Higher Ed where our accrediting bodies include this in their standards, I support your idea.

You should consider joining the exciting conversations at  where Instructure is working on a new state-of-art quizzing engine for Canvas.


Adventurer II

This is a really important feature! We have faculty who change their access codes for each section, which can be especially tight with back-to-back classes.

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I expect the people who voted down did not realize this would be an option, not a necessity. I also have sections meeting at different times, and have to change the password between sections.

Surveyor II

This feature would also be valuable in our K-12 use case. Moodle allowed different passwords for different groups.  Just today we had an issue where a school group we serve compromised the password among students. It would be great to be able to assign a new password to just those students rather than having to issue a new password to all schools.  In addition to the option for assigning access codes by section, I would also like to be able to change it for individual students (in the same way you can add more attempts or change time limits for just one person).‌ 

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I agree. There is a need for this so that we can address individual schools

when a situation arises. As it is right now, we have to make an

organization-wide change which unnecessarily impacts schools and could

possibly create a negative impact on our organization and erode trust.

On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 9:34 AM Candice McPherson <>

Surveyor II

This would be really important to have.

Students taking an exam in the morning hours can just tell the access code to their peers in the afternoon. Even though you can set up the availability of the tests to appear at different times, I do not want them to enter the test without me. Also, students who are absent or need to make up the quiz now have access to the exam, and I would need to change the availability dates for them as well.

It is all very messy. A quick solution would be to give different sections different access codes.