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Differentiated Assignments Being a Part of Grade Passback

Differentiated Assignments Being a Part of Grade Passback

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When using grade passback between Canvas and an SIS, differentiated assignments don't passback at all. This is not in the best interest of teachers and students and needs to work.

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We have started using SIStemic for passback to our SIS and the process is an improvement for teachers putting the timing in their hands. The glaring shortcoming is that if "Everyone" or "Everyone else" isn't a part of the Assigned To for the assignment, it's not a part of the passback. Differentiation is important in education which makes passing differentiated assignments important for an LMS. 

  • Mastery Path assignments automatically fall into this category and don't pass.
  • Cross-listed courses can fall into this category if giving each a different due date.
  • Assigning something to a few students falls into this category with the only work-around being excusing everyone else in the course (but then the other students will see the assignment which is confusing).

Until this works, it dissuades teachers from differentiation due to the path of least resistance being to not differentiate at all. It takes extra work to set up a course with effective differentiated assignments. Let's not have additional hurdles for teachers to use those best practices.

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I believe this affects most passback processes (Kimono leverages OneRoster and gets the assignment/grade info from Canvas just like Instructure's SIStemic does for example).